Product Photography or Product 3D Rendering?

There might be much to debate here there are benefits to both. If we have missed anything we would be eager to hear your thoughts as Rhinoskin Studios Inc. provides both services for its clients.

Benefits of Furniture Photography

  • More traditional and lot of clients are open to it.

  • Allows for adjusting light in real time for the final image.

  • Does not require heavy computation to produce the initial and final image.

  • Allows the possibility to hire skilled craftsman to do the job if the budget permits.

  • what you see is what you get. Given that the photographer know how to light the furniture including glossy type furniture you can get accurate textures.

Benefits of 3D Rendering

  • Allows work to begin on the images used for marketing before the furniture is built.

  • The 3D renderings can be tweaked many more times then traditional photographic methods and less expensive.

  • The materials and finishes can be changed on the fly to give the client that perfect image.

  • The images can be reworked from scratch easily

  • No laborious transportation of furniture and extensive lighting setup. Most furniture photographer charge for their time as they put up and take down the lights.

  • Virtually limitless resolution. Normal Pro camera max out at 50 mega pixels. If you wanted the same images 3d rendering at 150 mega pixels that is very easily doable.

  • The 3d model can be turned into augmented reality easily enough.

  • Different materials can be applied to the same furniture fast and easy and high quality.

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